with people

who think like us.

Supporting Democracy, Civil Rights, Human Rights, Diversity and Social Justice.

Creating Safe Havens and Environments.


We have many ideas and  plans for the future. This will be developing and growing daily.

There will be local chapters set up which can develope, promote activities. We plan to have meetings with national speakers and organizers. We need your support and participation.

We are much stronger together. Do not let them divide us.

We have Decal Emblems to Identify Yourself or Your Business

as a Diversity Friendly Entity. (DFE).

We also have T-shirts, caps and lapel pins. Check out our Products Page.

Please show your support by purchasing our products or by making a donation.  

This will take a lot of money and time. But.....

This is not about money. It is about making the world better.

Decal Emblems

We are truly Stronger Together

We encourage you to shop and trade ONLY with Diversity Friendly Entities (DFEs).

This is a non-partisan venture. In a world filled with hate, racism, intolerance and bigotry, make your position known for all to see. Take a stand against hate.

You can help us and your business by identifing to the community around you as an entity who supports fairness, respect and equality for all. Stand against bigotry and bullying.

By identifying yourself or your business, you can alert those who want to support businesses who support diversity, respect and human dignity where to spend their money.

We can build a community that offers a diverse friendly environment in which to exist. Networking can build strength, power and a voice for all.

"We Are The People" that make this world a better place. Claim YOUR space.